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5 reasons why businesses need social media

Social Media For Business Social media should be an integral component of a company's marketing strategy. Any business that wants to remain competitive needs to have an online presence.  There are many social media platforms you can have accounts on for your business. In 2019, there were 2.95 billion social media users world wide (Source:  Statista ).  And this number is only growing.  What does that mean for your business? That means, no matter what your business is about; there is always someone interested or looking for your product/service or something similar to it. For most businesses that means their customers are already on social media.  Not having a social media presence can mean that a small business is loosing out on connecting with their existing customers online or advertising to potential customers. Not having a social media presence can mean a business is loosing out on a fast, inexpensive way to reach a global audience. Social media, if done rig