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Google My Business: A tutorial for small businesses

Google My Business is a free, easy to use online tool provided by Google for small businesses.  With a Google My Business, businesses can create a listing to easily connect to their customers across Google Search and Maps, post updates and see how customers are interacting with their business on Google. It is increasing important that businesses use their Google My Business listing to manage their online presence. If you are a local business, you must have a Google My Business listing. You need to optimize your Google My Business listing to reflect your service. Be sure to update all required information including website, name, phone number, street address (important for location in Maps) and work hours. Make sure you remain consistent with this information throughout the internet. Why is Google My Business important  Google is the world's most widely used search engine. When users search for local businesses, Google prefers to refer to listings done on it's ow

What is digital marketing? How can digital marketing help your business?

What does a digital marketing consultant do? A digital consultant aka digital marketing consultant is someone who is hired by a business to help them leverage marketing the business through electronic channels.  Digital marketing consultants  utilize the computer, internet or other social media platforms and technologies to promote a product or a service. They can be hired to work on a specific project. They work as a part of a team or can work independently. A digital marketing consultant works to raise brand awareness and lead generation through digital channels. They help with advertising - paid or free. Digital marketing for small business In today's environment, every business needs an online presence to remain profitable and retain customers. Many companies are large enough to be able to manage all their marketing functions using a team of in-house specialists, while others outsource this to dedicated agencies or individuals.  A digital marke

Web accessibility: What is it and how do I use it?

What is web accessibility? The process of designing and developing websites and web tools in such a way that people of varying abilities can perceive, interact, understand and navigate the web. Making web content accessible to all individuals benefits the society and businesses alike. Standards of web accessibility, also known as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, are defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). (source:  Flaticon ) Why do we need them?  The web, or the internet, has become an integral part of our lives. It encompasses all areas of our lives including economic, educational, social and professional. This makes it important that people with disabilities can have the same access to information and communication as everyone else.  How does it apply to you? Making information accessible to everyone makes for a more just and open society for all of us. According to WHO (World Health Organization) around 15% of the world's population h

4 reasons why small businesses need to have a responsive website

Responsive design is also known as Mobile-friendly web design A website is said to have responsive web design when the layout of the website responds to different screen sizes and adjusts to it. That means when users view the website on a desktop, tablet, mobile phone or any other device connected to the internet, they should notice 'hardly any difference' in the appearance of the website. Increasing mobile traffic According to Statista, 2.5 billion of the world's polulation had smartphones in 2016. This number has steadily increased and as of 2020, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. With this increasing popularity of smartphones, internet usage around the world has changed. People are increasingly using mobile devices to access the web as compared to the desktop, and this trend is unlikely to change. As of 2019, for every 203 organic searches done on mobile phones, there were only 128 searches done on the desktop (Source:  BroadbandSearch Data )