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Why is Web Analytics important to your business?

 Are you wondering what is 'Web Analytics'? and why is it important for your website?  In this article, we will explain define web analytics, discuss a tool most commonly used by businesses and why you should use it too.  What is Web Analytics? Website Analytics, or Web Analytics, refers to the collection, processing, measurement, and reporting of data generated on the web.  Simple enough! No, not really. The next question here is what actually is this 'data' and how is it generated? Simply put, all users of the website (human or non-human) generate data by the activities they perform online. Measuring this online data is one of the jobs performed by a web analytics tool. Processing it into usable information and reporting is another.  Web analytics provides you usable information about the users that visit your web property.  Why is Web Analytics important?  It helps you measure how well your website is performing. It helps you set goals and work towards them. A web an

Benefits of having a Facebook account for small businesses

Are you a small business owner who is wondering how to start using social media for your business? Or does your business have customers in the offline world and you are now wondering if you should invest in creating an online presence for your company? If you have answered yes to any of the questions, you have come to the right place.  This article will answer 2 important questions:  How is a Facebook business page different from a personal profile?  Why does your business needs a Facebook page? A Facebook business page is different from a personal page Personal profile As the name suggests, a personal profile is for a person. You can connect to your friends and family using your personal profile. You can even share important news, updates and photographs. You can get news and updates from organizations and other pages that interest you on your personal profile. Business page A Facebook business page is free to set up. It is your business' online presence on Facebook.  Every busine