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Google Tag Manager for business: 6 common questions about GTM

Since you have arrived at this blogpost; chances are that you are a website owner, or someone interested in web development . This tutorial is aimed at businesses considering using Google Tag Manager to help with their marketing needs. Let us begin this article by clearing the basics. This contains answers to some of the common questions businesses have about using the Google Tag Manager. Since Google Tag Manager and Google analytics are closely related, this FAQ also answers some basic questions about Google Analytics. This tutorial is divided into many sections: What is Google Tag Manager? What can I use Google Tag Manager for? What is Google Analytics? Who can install Google Analytics on my website? Do I need to set up both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on my website? What kinds of businesses need to install the Google Tag Manager on their website? 1. What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager is a free tag management system developed by Google that can be used by mark