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A Guide to YouTube SEO: How to make video a part of your marketing strategy?

  The use of video as a marketing tool is increasing rapidly. YouTube is not just a platform for creating and uploading video content, it is the world's second largest search engine.  Creating video content on YouTube can help a business drive social engagement, increase online conversions , engage online audience visually and increase your bottom line. Plus, YouTube is great for SEO (search Engine optimization), because it increases online visibility of your website. So, whether you decide to place a video on your homepage or decide to use it on your landing page, video content should be a part of your marketing strategy. Here is a guide on how to do YouTube SEO. In this article we have outlined 3 easy to follow steps to help you successfully use video in your content marketing strategy.  Keyword research Creating and uploading video content Measuring Success How to do YouTube SEO? Keyword Research This is the first step to create video content successfully. Why is this step impor