A Guide to YouTube SEO

importance of having a professional website.

company’s website is its online identity. It is the first online point of interaction
of many potential customers with your business. A great web design is the starting point of great website development.
You have a great idea. You have struggled for years and now you have built a
company around your idea. You have clients, they are happy with your work. Now
you need to expand. You want an online presence for your business. You need to
have potential customers to be able to find you and reach you. You need a
website. A well designed, easy to navigate website makes it easier to convert visitors into customers. 
Computer monitor with professional website
Developing a professional website

Web Developer versus website builder: which is right for my business?

Many small businesses struggle with how to go about setting up their website. Should you use a popular website builder like Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly or hire a professional web developer to build the site? Which will benefit your company the most? Which is a more economical choice? Hiring a professional web developer to develop your website may seem to be expensive upfront but pays for itself in the long run.

website’s main job is to capture attention. Most internet users who end up on
your company’s website, fall into 2 broad categories:
  1. Customers or clients of your business who have previously interacted with your business in the past.
  2. Web users who are looking for businesses like yours and who have found your website through an online search or an offline recommendation.
that fall in the first category usually know your company’s URL and can easily
find your business by typing the URL. Users that fall in the second category
are potential customers for your business. They are the ones who find your
company’s website through browsing or a google search.
good looking and easy to use website, encourages the users to interact with not
just the content of your website, but also encourages them to interact with
your business. With the correct incentives, online users that fall in the
second category of visitor to your website as described above, go from being
visitors to paying customers for your business.
are 4 points backed by statistical data that prove hiring a professional to
develop a customized website to fit your business’s needs is a good decision. A
well-designed website means increased profit.
  1. Good SEO = increased traffic
  2. Better page performance
  3. Design matters
  4. Great website design as an effective and economical way
    of content marketing

 1. Good SEO = increased traffic

(Search Engine Optimization) increased your site’s visibility to search
engines. A great SEO strategy makes websites more likely to appear in internet
to Sistrix, the click probability of the result on the first place on the SERP is
almost 60%, while position 2 gets only 15% of the clicks. The 11th (first
position on page 2 ) position gets only 0.19% of the clicks.
your business’s website gets found in a google search, you have to capture the
attention of the user. A well-designed website captures the attention of the
user and encourages them to interact with the site and the business.


2. Better
page performance

to the American Marketing Association website, an average consumer is exposed
to 10,000 brands a day. Microsoft concludes that an average person’s attention
span is just eight seconds.
means when a web user visits your business’s website, you have just eight
seconds to convert him from a casual visitor to a paying customer. A web page
that loads quickly is vital towards that end.
to Radware, 51% of the US shoppers said they would abandon a purchase if the
site was too slow. That means that a business is losing more than half its
customers if its website is too slow to load.
professional web developer can help increase the loading speed of a website.
Good code and optimized images that load quickly are just some of the things
that can make a website more efficient and user friendly.


3. Design

well-planned website, an easy UI (user interface) that makes the website easy
to navigate and that provides great UX (user experience) are indispensable in
today’s digital world. A professional can help ensure your company’s website
incorporates this. According to the marketing statistics collected by Forbes,
38% of users say they will stop interacting with a website if the layout is


4. Great
website design as an effective and economical way of content marketing

Good, engaging content that can be shared easily across channels is an easy and effective method to raise your brand awareness, establish yourself as an authority in your specialization and increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.  


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