A Guide to YouTube SEO

What does a digital marketing consultant do?

digital consultant aka digital marketing consultant is someone who is hired by
a business to help them leverage marketing the business through electronic

Digital marketing consultants utilize the computer, internet or other social media
platforms and technologies to promote a product or a service. They can be hired to work on a specific project. They work as a part of a team or can work independently.
A digital marketing consultant works to raise brand awareness and lead generation through digital channels. They help with advertising – paid or free.

Digital marketing for small business

In today’s environment, every business needs an online presence to remain profitable and retain customers. Many companies are large enough to be able to manage all their marketing functions using a team of in-house specialists, while others outsource this to dedicated agencies or individuals. 
A digital marketeer may provide services like designing, developing and maintaining a website for a business, performing SEO, updating and maintaining social media accounts for a business, strategically placing paid ads for the business on various digital channels, creating engaging and shareable content to promote functions like brand awareness and lead generation among others. 
Let us say a digital marketeer is hired to design and develop a website for a business. Once the website is launched on the internet, it needs to be optimized to attract quality and quantity traffic to the website. To monitor this traffic, the consultant will have to set up and monitor Google Analytics.

A website is only one means of raising brand awareness. Another important strategy to implement is to have social media accounts for the company. A digital consultant may be the one responsible for updating the accounts, monitoring their performance or providing monthly reports regarding the health of the accounts.

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, not many companies have in-house teams to manage all their online marketing needs. Businesses may hire digital agencies or digital consultants to perform one or all of their digital marketing functions.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels