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Ever wondered about MailChimp and why is it used? Mailchimp is an all-in-one integrated marketing platform for small businesses, a marketing automation platform and email marketing service.  Let us understand what this means and what is Mailchimp used for?

All small businesses need an audience to market their product or service to. Getting online and having a website is a way to do it. Having social media accounts on Facebook, or other platforms is a way to engage with your audience, so is sending out newsletters and emails. All these are marketing functions which can be performed using a CRM (Customer relationship management) platform like Mailchimp.
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A business can maintain a list of its customers, grow its audiences and engage with them using this platform. All businesses and companies want to grow their revenue and expand their reach to by targeting global audiences. Mailchimp provides them with the tools to do so.

What is Mailchimp used for?

To create and store mailing lists

Consider this scenario, you sell pet supplies though your online store. You are currently running an ad campaign targeting pet owners. Tina has 2 pet dogs. Tina sees your ad in her Facebook feed. Ideally, she would be your potential customer, but as of today, Tina has all the pet supplies she needs. She does not want to shop today. She likes your ad but does not want to buy anything right now. She is running low on pet food, but she enough for this month. She will need to buy a bag of pet food next month. How will you make sure that she remembers you when she decides to shop for a bag of pet food?
When she likes your ad and decides to give you her email address, you need to have a place you can store her address. That is where Mailchimp comes into play. This email address (and that of other potential customers like her), can be saved in a mailing list on Mailchimp. You could then send emails to these leads (or potential customers) so that they remember you and can engage with you when they need the services/products you are selling.

Engaging existing customers

Emailing discount coupons and sales reminders are a few things you could do to engage existing customers. Mailchimp is easy to use and offers many customizable templates for your email campaigns. You could send emails out right away, or schedule them to be sent out later.
Now coming back to your online store. Imagine Max is shopping online. He puts 2 pet toys in his online shopping cart and continues to shop. While he is shopping there is a power surge at his home.  His computer shuts down before he has had a chance to checkout his order. In such scenarios, Mailchimp allows you and option by which you could email a reminder to Max saying that he has items in his shopping cart and could come back online and finish his transaction.

Targeting new customers

You could use Mailchimp for targeting newer customers by using it to run paid advertisement campaigns. These paid ads could be displayed on your social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter, to engage your audiences and increase the reach of your campaigns.


In the above examples we learn about Mailchimp and how to use it to improve customer service and increase revenue for small businesses.
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