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Keyword research in SEO

What is keyword research in SEO and why is it important? Have you ever wondered about keyword research and why is it important to your SEO strategy? We have you covered. In this guide we explain some definitions, show you how to use a free tool for keyword research and explain to you why it […]


Why it is important to use social media for business

In today’s digital society, using social media for business is a no brainer.¬† The big question is: Which platform/s should your company engage in? Should you stick to 2-3 platforms or make accounts on several? How often should you post on each platform? And what type of content should you post? In this blog post, […]


A Guide to YouTube SEO

The use of video as a marketing tool is increasing rapidly. YouTube is not just a platform for creating and uploading video content, it is the world’s second largest search engine.¬†Creating video content on YouTube can help a business drive social engagement, increase online conversions, engage online audience visually and increase your bottom line. Plus, […]